Shed Reviews: Duramax 00211 10.5'x8' Stronglasting WoodBridge Vinyl Shed

Duramax 00211 10.5'x8' Stronglasting WoodBridge Vinyl Shed

4 Stars
· 15 Year Warranty
· Attractive Exterior
· Never Needs Painting
· Heavy Duty Steel Structure
· Double Walled Panels
· Time consuming to assemble
· Ground must be level

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The 10x10 Duramax Storage Shed wins our 5th place pick for top sheds based on design, durability, packaging, and value. Duramax has been building sheds for over 10 years in a variety of materials such as vinyl, wood and metal.  The 10x10 Duramax shed ships to your door and weighs roughly 300 pounds.  The shed is a vinyl shed and is the only vinyl shed that we bothered to review in our model comparisons.


The first point I’d like to discuss is the packaging with this model.  The 10x10 Duramax arrives in a few boxes, and is fairly easy to assemble by yourself but is better to build with another person.  Average assembly time is about 6 hours which can vary depending on the amount of help.  Like every other model we have reviewed, we recommend the 10x10 shed sits flat on a secure platform built out of concrete or wood. Duramax does offer another alternative to save you time and possibly money.  You can purchase their foundation kit which is made from galvanized metal and provides a very safe and secure base for your shed.  The kit also slightly elevates the shed off of the ground to help avoid flooding caused by excess amounts of rain.  Since the unit is light, we had no problem building the shed with two people in a few hours.


The structure is very basic in design and doesn’t add tons of ascetic value to your yard.  Luckily, the vinyl siding does add some element of detail but it also presents some long-term problems.   Vinyl sheds haven’t had the best reputation for withstanding severe weather conditions unlike some of the stronger polypropylene models mentioned in other reviews.  The reason behind their inadequate structural integrity is the simple weight factor which is very important in bad climates.  The shed is very light for its class and vinyl when stressed, will literally tear internally causing the entire wall to buckle.  Therefore any future repairs would require plenty of labor to fix the siding.  Also, the vinyl siding is more susceptible to mildew and mold if moisture gets into the bottom due to heavy rain.  This also prohibits insects that tend to feast in these environments.  Duramax vinyl shed walls are reinforced with steel beaming which really adds to making these superior to other vinyl sheds.  Also, The roof has a snow load rating of 200lbs, not that they recommend you push it to the limit.


Knowing these facts ahead of time, we still wanted to conduct a review on this Duramax model and explain the pros as well.  Though this model doesn’t look as pretty as other manufacturer’s sheds, it is still a shed and many people don’t care about what color the sides are or what it looks alike, but what it can actually store.  It provides about 630 cubic square feet of storage space along with plenty of headroom when inside the shed.  The 10x10 also comes with a hefty 15 year warranty which is one of the longest warranties we’ve heard of for a shed.


Long story short, if you are in the market for a shed and have decided not to purchase a wooden or metal structure which we all know aren’t the greatest, the next step up would be a Duramax vinyl shed.  Though we don’t recommend you buy this model if you are in an area of strong winds and extreme climates, it may work well for basic storage needs and is a fairly decent storage shed.



Product Title Duramax 00211 10.5'x8' Stronglasting WoodBridge Vinyl Shed
Brand Duramax
Weight N/A
Product Dimensions 10' x 8' - 10' x 31' (Reviewed Model: 10' x 10')
Size 10' x 8'
Material Vinyl, Metal reinforced wall columns
Model Duramax StrongLasting

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