Shed Reviews: Lifetime 6402 8' x 12.5' Storage Shed

Lifetime 6402 8' x 12.5' Storage Shed

4.5 Stars
· Full 10 Year Warranty
· Attractive Exterior
· Extensive Accessory Package
· Great space for the money
· More Durable Than Vinyl Sheds
· Lots of parts to inventory
· Ground must be level

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Lifetime 6402 8' x 12.5' Storage Shed
Lifetime 6402 8' x 12.5' Storage Shed

The Lifetime 6402 - 8' x 12.5' Shed is one of our pick for storage sheds based on a combination of durability, appearance, size, price and organizational features. Lifetime is a highly reputable company which sells storage sheds and many other top quality products for home and family which are manufactured in the USA. All Lifetime sheds come with a 10-year warranty in which the manufacturer stands by the customer for any technical issues along with parts requests, etc.


Lifetime offers a good variety of shed sizes and styles for all backyard storage needs. We found the 8 x 12.5 model to be one of the most convenient with less chance of needing to buy and install an expansion kit at a later date. The advantage of the 12.5 length is that, because of the 620 cubic feet of space inside, a 4-wheeler or riding lawn mower can be stored with plenty of room for other backyard accessories and there is still walking space to easily access the items stored on your shelving and pegstrips. The extension kits are a nice option but it will definitely save you money and time to go with the larger storage shed up front if you have the room for it.


The 8x12.5 Lifetime Storage Shed is rated to be the strongest that we have tested and reviewed in its class.  The shed is double walled and built out of a high-density polyethylene material which is reinforced by steel beams.  The walls are heavy and sturdy which really makes a difference over a long period of ownership in the event of storms or tough climates.  The slip resistent flooring which is included, is made out of the same polyethylene material and will not scratch, chip or stain.  As instructed in the manual, Lifetime recommends that you build your shed on a raised platform so that the unit isn’t sitting level with the ground.  Although not mandatory, its stated that this will help the rain to run off of the structure and not collect.  We found this advice very helpful and were glad it was printed in the manual, as some competitor’s sheds make no mention of the raised platform or the problems that could occur if the shed is not housed on some kind of level foundation. 


The next feature I would like to highlight is the appearance of the shed.  When we did our model comparisons, we found all of the Lifetime sheds to exhibit a very attractive exterior appearance which resembles the look of a house.  This is very nice as most shed owners are also concerned with the aesthetics of a structure that will be placed in their backyard.  Lifetime sheds are coated in light creamed-color powdercoat and never fade or rust unlike some other metal and vinyl sheds on the market.  The 8X12.5 shed package comes with a full kit of accessories which is very appealing to the average consumer who doesn’t want to go to 10 different locations to find the accessories needed to have a neat and tidy shed.  With this shed model many accessories were included: one sliding and locking window, five small skylights, two corner shelves, two 30”x10” shelves, one 90”x9” shelf, two screened vents, two peg strips with hardware and the flooring.  We were overall very impressed with this kit we purchased from knowing that most units cost the same amount at Lowes, Menards and other home improvement retailers but exclude the add-ons and sometimes sales tax is added to the price. If you decide down the road that you’re running out of storage space, as mentioned earlier in this review, Lifetime sells additional extension kits at increments of 2.5 ft and 5 ft which give you the possibility of expansion.


Epic Sheds had customer service far above what I expected and they really took the time to explain their products.  This company included free shipping and no sales tax when we ordered and it took a short week to arrive at my door by truck.  The shed came in 2 boxes each weighing around 250 lbs each, so it is helpful if you have another person to help move them, along with the assembly. In conclusion, if you’re looking for not only an attractive outdoor shed for your backyard, but one that includes all of the accessories you will need along with durability and a long warranty, we highly recommend Lifetime sheds.  Many other sheds today are still built with construction standards from 20 years ago. Lifetime sheds are a modern combination of proven high quality materials, superior function and aesthetic appeal, making the Lifetime 6402 8x12.5 shed our #1 choice for outdoor storage units.



    • Steel-Reinforced High-Density Plastic Construction
    • Made in USA
    • 10-year warranty
    • Attractive Appearance and Design
    • Low Maintenance
    • High-Pitched Roof
    • High-Arched, Steel-Reinforced Locking Doors
    • High-Density Plastic Floor Included (slip resistent, does not crack chip or peel)
    • Windows Open
    • Organizational Storage Accessories Included



Product Title Lifetime 6402 8' x 12.5' Storage Shed
Brand Lifetime
Weight N/A
Product Dimensions 8' x 12'
Size 8' x 12'
Material Steel-Reinforced High-Density Plastic Construction
Model LIFETIME-6402-8X12.5-SSe
Shipping Cost Free Shipping

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