Shed Reviews: Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra™ 7x10 Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra™ 7x10 Resin Storage Shed

3.5 Stars
· Impact resistant floor
· Leak, dent, and weather resistant
· Extensive Accessory Package
· Great space for the money
· Easy assembly
· 1 year warranty
· Ground must be level

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Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra™ 7x10 Storage Shed

Rubbermaid is a name that most people know. They just don't always know it for sheds. But since they are so well know for storage, it makes sense. Rubbermaid followed the lead of Lifetime when creating a durable and easy to assemble shed. Unfortunately they only trust it enough to give it a 1 year warranty.


The Big Max Ultra™ features 467 cubic feet of storage space and includes two skylights and two windows that allow plenty of light in. Its double-walled construction provides extra protection for items stored inside. Double doors in the front and a back door provide easy access to items stored inside.


Some of the features of the Rubbermaid Big Max Shed


    • Storage Capacity: 467 cubic feet
    • Inside Dimensions: 6'9"w x 10'2"d x 7'6"h
    • Durable: leak-resistant, dent-resistant, weather-resistant
    • Maintenance Free: no rot, no rust, no problems
    • Easy to assemble
    • Includes heavy duty, impact resistant floor
    • Includes a back door for easy access to items stored in the back of the building
    • Review state and local building codes prior to assembly
    • Lockable doors - Secure your belongings



Product Title Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra™ 7x10 Storage Shed
Brand Rubbermaid
Weight 598 pounds
Product Dimensions 7'x10'
Size 7'x10'
Material Steel-Reinforced High-Density Plastic Construction
Model Apex 6' x 3' Shed in Brown & Beige
Shipping Cost N/A

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